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  2. Janice, Love your chronology and offer sincere appreciation and congratulations for your accomplishment.

    Perhaps we should say, “Overnight public recognition.” I know from my own experience, the elation of concluding the final edits; the mental storing away the red pen. That to me is success. Success is the getting started with certainty of completion. Success to me is just the knowing that I achieved what I set out to do. What follows, what is commonly called, “Overnight Success,” is simply part of the evolutionary adventure, in fact, not even the ultimate goal. Not to dismiss public acceptance, but the real success is in the doing and having done. IMHO.
    Rita Ashley, Overnight success in waiting.

  3. What a great story of perseverance, Hope. Thanks for sharing it and congratulations on your publishing contract. I read your opening chapters when the work was entered in the Amazon contest, and I can’t wait to buy a copy of the whole book!

    Jessica McCann
    Author of the novel All Different Kinds of Free

  4. This is a great post, sorry I didn’t see it on the day when Hope may have been able to answer questions. Because I’m dying to know–was it ms 1, 2, or 3 that she got the call about? Is Carolina Slade a character she writes about, or her author name?

  5. Hey, Kathryn,

    I got the call and contract on book one, the book that made the top 100 in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. The publisher is now reading book two. My agent is waiting until the publisher finishes reading, then will attempt to negotiate a two-book deal.

    Carolina Slade is the protagonist in the series. I intend to go by my name C. Hope Clark since, after all, that’s the name people know me for online.

  6. Thanks for your answer, Hope. Best of luck with the two-book deal! I agree that the only person who is sure to fail is the one who stops trying. Thanks for all you’ve done in the writing community!

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