School Visits

“Janice completely captivated the group of 70 plus students and engaged them in a wonderful discussion. The kids asked questions! They laughed! They enjoyed themselves! And I truly believe that they came away from the experience excited about writing…The event exceeded every one of my expectations.” — Molly Kane, Young Adult Librarian, Upper Dublin Public Library, PA

“What impressed me the most was how great she was with the kids!  She put up with silliness and joked around with them a lot.  One of our science teachers came in during the visit and was very impressed with the connections Janice made to science and modern DNA technology.  Ms. Bashman also explained the importance of research even when writing fiction.  She really is fantastic.” — Judy Collander, Librarian & Dyslexia Interventionist, Connally High School, TX

“Ms. Bashman’s riveting suspense novel, Predator, is a unique and refreshing departure from ordinary teenage fiction.  Her presentation was captivating due to her interaction with the students coupled with a true insight into the writing experience.  It was exciting for all to engage with a genuine author.” — Johanna Parkin, 8th Grade English Teacher, Sandy Run Middle School, PA


JBashman_M9B_Predator_REV2_-Final-Cover-for-webJanice makes her visits fun and informative. Her interactive program touches on how and why Janice thought she was a horrible writer when she was in school; the fun responses she received when questioning authors for her Writer’s Digest magazine column; the facts behind her fiction (bog bodies, Benandanti mythology, modern DNA technology/transgenics); researching fiction; why editing is exciting; the publishing process; writer’s block and fear of failure; and what’s involved in publishing a magazine (The Big Thrill). Janice’s presentation aims to inspire all students — from reluctant writers to creative geniuses.

Janice is always willing to customize her visits and to work with teachers and librarians to meet their students’ needs. She is available for school assemblies, writing workshops, classroom presentations, book clubs, and Skype/Zoom visits.


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Fees are negotiable and are based on the number of presentations and travel requirements.



  • “Thank you very much for coming to my school to talk about your writing life.  I thought you were very funny.  I appreciated how you opened up about your life to us and that hard work pays off.”
  • “I learned that experts can be kind and helpful.”
  • “I learned that it takes lots of research even for a fiction book.”
  • “I learned from the visit that it takes a lot of time and effort to write a book.”
  • “One thing I learned and found interesting was how it takes a year or more to get a book published.  Thank you for coming to our school.  Also, it’s pretty cool that she knows R.L. Stine.”


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