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Guest Blogger: Jamie Freveletti

My novel, THE NINTH DAY, launches on September 27 and begins making its way into the world.  It’s my third and the joy of writing has only increased over time. The premise came to me early, the words flew onto the page and each morning I was chomping at the bit to write.

My novels are thrillers, with all the action and twists that are expected in the genre. In this one my biochemist protagonist, Emma Caldridge is hiking in the Arizona desert collecting night blooming plants for research when she stumbles across some human traffickers crossing the border. She’s captured and brought to Ciudad Juarez, where the cartel leader there has a big problem; his marijuana plants are diseased and dying.  He blames the American herbicide dusting activity for the plants’ mutations and he vows revenge.  He plots to infect the United States by sending the disease over the border. The illness transfers to humans and kills them in nine days.  Emma races to stop the shipment and find an answer before the ninth day dawns.

In most of my novels I’ve focused on inserting  classic thriller roots that made me love the genre. Emma is smart, scientific and logical, but she’s not afraid to pick up a rocket propelled grenade and fire it when required.  I wanted to base the events in the real world with the type of bad players that the world can generate. Unfortunately, when researching for this one I started looking into the drug cartel wars occurring in Mexico and was surprised by the level of anarchy that is slowly making its way through that country. A magazine article on the subject called it “the war next door” and I couldn’t help think what an apt title that was. The bad characters there are reaching extreme levels.

I won’t reveal the twist that exists in the story except to say it came from a hypothesis of mine that I formulated after reading reams of clinical studies. My idea was proven possible nine months after I’d turned in the manuscript.  I nearly choked on my coffee when I read the news in the morning paper!

Which goes to show: there’s nothing like reading. Whether for pleasure, factual information or curiosity it can’t be beat.

I hope you enjoy THE NINTH DAY and if you’re near a signing on the upcoming tour and can get some free time I’d love to meet you!

Jamie Freveletti is the internationally bestselling author of thrillers RUNNING FROM THE DEVIL, RUNNING DARK and her third, THE NINTH DAY will launch in September, 2011. In January, 2011 the Estate of Robert Ludlum asked her to write the next in his Covert One series, which is slated for Fall 2012. Her books have won multiple awards and have been translated into three languages. She’s a former trial lawyer and current runner, martial artist and coffee addict. She lives in Chicago with her family.



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  1. Wow, Jamie! This book sounds like an exciting, suspenseful read. Best of luck to you for huge success!

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