Operation Thriller USO Tour

I felt honored when I was recently approached by the International Thriller Writers to write a summary of the Operation Thriller USO Tour. Here’s a link to the article. This was the first author tour in the USO’s 69-year history. As I virtually experienced the tour through the pieces the authors wrote for the Huffington Post, I felt like I was there with the authors who participated (Steve Berry, Andy Harp, David Morrell, Douglas Preston, and James Rollins). Even before I was asked to write the article, I posted information on Facebook in anticipation of the tour and also posted links to the authors’ dispatches from the tour because I wholeheartedly endorsed what these authors were doing to support the troops.

When I wrote my article, I felt it was important for the piece to be more than a play-by-play of where the authors went, who they met, and what they saw. I wanted to convey the heart of the tour, the emotions of the authors—five of the most generous and caring people I’ve ever met—and the service men and service women they visited. You can read my article by clicking here.

Here are links to the Huffington Post articles written by the authors who participated in the tour:
Day One: David Morrell
Day Two: James Rollins
Day Three:  Steve Berry
Day Four:  Douglas Preston
Day Five: Andy Harp
Day Six:  David Morrell

Here’s links to the authors’ posts on Larry King Live:

Operation Thriller: The Images Remain Vivid by Steve Berry

Operation Thriller: It All Started with a Conversation by Andy Harp

Operation Thriller: Real Life ‘Rambo’ by David Morrell

Operation Thriller: We Met the Real Heroes by Douglas Preston

Operation Thriller: There and Back Again by James Rollins


  1. Janice – I loved your piece. And the whole project was profound and unique and oh-so-special. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Janice,
    Thank you for sharing your article about the USO tour. I salute these authors for supporting our troops. God bless our servicemen and women and bring them home safely to those who love them.
    Janie Reinart

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