“Extinction” in Slices of Flesh Anthology

I’m pleased to announce that my story “Extinction” is now published in SLICES OF FLESH: A Collection of Flash Fiction Tales from the World’s Greatest Horror Writers. Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame (with Dave Steward doing the color work) created the cover art. Net proceeds from the book go to various reading and literacy programs, the Horror Writers Association Hardship Fund, and the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation.

Editor Stan Swanson says about this endeavor, “I put together a flash fiction anthology including a number of authors (FRIGHTMARES!) late last year and really enjoyed it. I find flash fiction intriguing. To tell a good, solid story in just a few hundred words is a real test of an author’s skill. In putting together FRIGHTMARES!, I met several authors who had already established themselves as horror authors. That was when the seed of SLICES OF FLESH was born. It was an opportunity for Dark Moon Books to take the next step forward—to be able to publish stories by Jack Ketchum, Simon Clark, Ramsey Campbell, Nancy Holder, Tim Lebbon, Nancy Kilpatrick, Graham Masterton, Rick Hautala (and the list goes on and on). The amazing thing was the response to my call for submissions. What a great group of people this was to work with. And with net proceeds going to worthy charities has just been the icing on the cake.”

So, go grab yourself SLICES OF FLESH and support some wonderful charities.

Here’s the complete list of authors. For additional information about the book and purchase links go to Dark Moon Books’ website.




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