5 Reasons Why I Love Libraries

1. One of my favorite memories from my childhood is of going to the library on Saturday mornings, checking out a huge stack of books, coming home and spreading them across the floor, deciding what order to read them, and then digging in to those pages that magically transformed me to another world.

2. Libraries are staffed by librarians dedicated to their jobs, their patrons, and their communities. These hard-working people are innovative with their programming and services and continually come up with new ways to engage patrons and the community. This is no easy feat, especially in an ever-changing world filled with technology.

3. Libraries are open to everyone and give millions of people access to books, movies, magazines, and newspapers. That’s free knowledge and entertainment for all—you can’t beat that.

4. Every time I walk into a library I’m excited by something new. I discover newly-published books, pick up older books I didn’t know existed, or page through magazines I might not have read otherwise.

5. Libraries inspire people. They foster creativity, a love of words, a love of learning, a love of exploration, and a sense of community.

 “A library is not a luxury, but one of the necessities of life…”

Henry Ward Beecher


  1. I LOVE libraries, they are everyone’s friend!! We need them to educate, inspire, and socialize with other readers!!

  2. Nice post, Janice! I, too, love libraries. On the rare occasions that I get back to the library of my childhood, I STILL get excited when I go down the stairs to the children’s section (which I always do, just for the thrill!). It’s where I fell in love with books, and it still brings that feeling back fresh each time.

  3. Yes, yes! Loved my little hometown library and was so excited the day I snuck into the YA section. Which is why I became a librarian when I grew up. Libraries rock. Thanks for reminding us.

  4. I loved my little neighborhood library. I practically grew up there. The librarian hosted a weekly Friday night book club discussion for teenagers. I spent many Friday nights there, and met many friends, the human and book kind. Thanks for this post. I”m forwarding it to a few librarian friends.

  5. This is a great post! I love libraries! They were a place of wonder to me as a child and remain so now that I’m an adult. I wish that towns and cities would take the funds they appropriate for sports stadiums and use that to build huge libraries.

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  7. No one in my family read. I was very lucky that the bookmobile came into our neighborhood in Jersey City and I got turned on to libraries. I remember there was a big campaign going on then. This was in the sixties. RIF. Reading Is Fundamental. It helped to make me the person I am today!


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