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Daniel Palmer

Guest Blogger: Daniel Palmer When it comes to writing novels, beginnings can be difficult. A blank page at first appears liberating, but it can soon become utterly paralyzing. As writers, we’ve been taught to grab the reader’s attention in the first few pages—the first sentence if possible—and then hold it …

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Nick Heller’s Boston


Guest Blogger: Joseph Finder When the time came for me to create a series character, I knew right away that whoever that character might turn out to be, he’d have to be from Boston. Nick Heller, as he turned out, is, like me, an adopted son, rather than a native …

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Writing is Never Routine

Norb Vonnegut

Guest Blogger: Norb Vonnegut Many people ask about my “writing routine.” I think they expect to hear stories about a cone of silence—about me shutting the door on sounds or emails or any one of the million distractions that conspire to make authors unproductive. Well, the truth is I like …

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