Cut Off, With Time Running Out

Guest Blogger: Meg Gardiner Thriller writers grumble that in the twenty-first century, it’s tough to create suspense by isolating a character in dangerous circumstances. For decades, authors could easily strand their heroes in a dark alley, or cast them alone onto a deserted shore, and force them to face down …

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Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Guest Blogger: Gregg Hurwitz The most dreaded question for authors. Because the truth is…we don’t really know ourselves. I suppose it’s like asking anyone where they get their ideas. We mostly have no clue, right? They just sort of show up in our heads. So the where is impossible, methinks, …

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Where Ideas Come From

Guest Blogger: Alafair Burke My new book, LONG GONE, comes out today. I mention that not to plug my work (okay, it was totally a plug), but to explain why I’ve been thinking lately about where ideas come from. I finished writing LONG GONE nearly a year ago. For the last several months, …

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True Fiction

Guest Blogger: Dennis Tafoya Here is a small sampling of where I’ve been spending my nights: The New Jersey Department of Corrections; The Uniform Crime Report of the FBI for 2010 (The good news, violent crime is down); Bersa Firearms (who offer a .380 semi-automatic with pink grips to support …

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Overturning Convention

Guest Blogger: Joe McKinney Zombies are the monster world’s equivalent of a good pair of blue jeans: they go well with just about anything.  In recent years, they’ve gone up against everybody from the police and the military to superheroes, the cast of Star Wars, vampires and unicorns.  They’ve even …

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A Writer’s Tools and a Writer’s Process

Guest Blogger: Carla Neggers Thanks for having me here, Janice! Early in my career, I bought my first computer and started typing. Ah. I was in love. It was far more complicated and unreliable than computers are today, and, sure enough, one day I turned it on and got gobbledygook. …

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Crime writer Dennis Tafoya

I’m a guest interviewer over at Sirens of Suspense where I talk crime writing with author Dennis Tafoya. Dennis’ latest book, The Wolves of Fairmount Park received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly. Hope you enjoy the profile and quickies.